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Seven Ways to Find More Time For Reading

Invariably, most conversations I have with adults these days about reading end in the same sentiment, voiced by at least one of the party (sometimes myself): "I just don't have the kind of time for reading that I used to."

What with jobs, volunteering, church obligations, family obligations, social life and the dreary time spent in the car just schlepping yourself from place to place to place, reading easily falls by the wayside.

Don't misunderstand me: I'm talking about myself here, not preaching to some group of "others" who have somehow not achieved my level of enlightenment. This post is merely a collection of ideas that have worked for me to help me read more, and I'm hoping that sharing them with you will remind me to put them into practice myself.

Injunctions to "do more" that shame people who are not "doing enough" by employing the "if I can do it, so can anyone!" tend to annoy me. Everyone has their own strugg…

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