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Revisiting "Little House on the Prairie"

Otherwise Entitled, The Post In Which I Use a Lot (And I Mean A LOT) of Parentheses. (See Below.)

I wish I could spend more time reading. I mean, don't we all? Sometimes I long for the carefree middle school days when I'd blow through 7-8 books a week... and when I do get time to read, I often feel obligated to read mind-improving books (particularly nonfiction, or fiction that I haven't read before). This leaves very little time for the nostalgic occupation of rereading childhood favorites, even though I want to.

But every week, I have at least two if not three hour-long commutes to church and school (that is to say, an hour to drive there and also an hour to drive back). It's a lot of time spent sitting in the car, and I get bored. (There's only so much eye-rolling at tailgaters and people who don't use their turn signal that a girl can do, after all. It gets depressing when it has no effect.)  A few months ago, I decided to start listening to audiobooks ins…

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